Wednesday, June 23, 2010

who knew summer came in color?

Goodness. I hardly know what to say.

It appears the lovely Phoenix has given me my very first blogger award. I shudder involuntarily at having even typed that word, but c'est la guerre, non? When in Rome. Nomenclature be damned, I am honored to be included among people who brighten or have once brightened her day, though I can't imagine how she managed to find any sunshine round here lately. I was actually tempted to post this thing in black and white (because dear god, that thing is colorful), but then I caught myself. We could all use a little sunshine and I, for one, endeavor to let that little light shine right out of my lily-white Irish (oh wait, why am I talking about my butt two posts in a row?) . . .

Apparently these awards are like a mate gourd, meant to be passed along. And so, without further ado, I bequeath the Res Ipsa Loquitur "ray of sunshine" award to my favorite day brightening (ugh) . . . blogger.

Kathleen, this is for you. Ladies and gentlemen, this woman is a diamond in the mommy blogs. So please, enjoy her shiny green layout, her darling boys, and her insightful take on the trials of wifery and motherhood in rural New Hampshire. She can also help you clean up yer act because, in between raising three children, she enjoys doing thorough environmentalist research so the rest of us plebes don't have to.

And for honorable mention, Jane of the Virgin Diaries. Because mama tells the truth.


Phoenix said...

I feel like I gave you the award not because you're the peppiest blogger in the land but because when I read your blogs you sound like the kind of person I'd want to hang out with and grab drinks with and talk about life, love, happiness, and Bukowski with. And that kind of makes me stupidly happy.


jane said...

Aww, thanks! :)

Scarlet-O said...

hell yes, i agree with phoenix, gfox, the whole world's waiting for you- you're a smasher. :-D