Tuesday, June 22, 2010

front sky

Woke up this morning with a sore throat. But, you know, it's a sore throat. Hardly a tragedy. Certainly I am capable of getting through today in my desk chair. No one else cares how much it hurts to swallow—or that I'm rolling with the raspy whisper of a supervillain in the first round of her death throes. Anyway, I pulled up my big girl pants, juiced myself a vitamin cocktail with a butt-ton of ginger, grabbed a box of Throat Comfort and commuted.

First thing, my boss comes into my cubby—face contorted into all sorts of snotty—and says,

"What is WRONG with you? I feel like you're always getting sick. Clearly you need to start taking better care of yourself."

Okay, She-Beast.

First of all, aside from a run-in with some unfortunate felafel, my last sick day was in January.

Second of all, I juice kale for breakfast every morning.

So you can kiss my lily-white Irish you know what.


Phoenix said...

LOL! Your boss sounds, um... lovely.

Yes, that was the word I was looking for.

Kathleen said...

I know it's supposed to be healthy, but maybe the kale is making you sick. Pop Tarts. And chocolate donuts. And jelly donuts. I'm going to have a donut now.

feel better!

jane said...

Is she blaming you for being sick? What an idiot.