Sunday, June 27, 2010

more than enough

Yesterday was one of those truly perfect New York days. HCB at the MoMa, lunch roseé, Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at the Public, stracciatella pizza, champagne and fondue at the Bourgeois Pig, then three humid hours of dancing in a bedazzled basement. With all those chandeliers, I half expected someone to start playing the voice over from the Haunted Mansion. "There are no windows . . . and no doors . . ."

Of course, I had to watch the G.I.Q. sulk in a corner all night in a tasteless shirt with some leggy blonde, but there are worse things to cope with—who wants his attention without the sweater vest anyway? Summer comes and Mr. Wet Wool and Book Smell is just another clammy man in khaki.

I danced and it was wonderful.

One by one, other tangueros paired off with other leggy blondes and left the station for beds in outer boroughs while I got passed back and forth between the Champion and the Tall Guy, who caught me with one strap dangling and actually reattached my shoe for a second tanda. We were all but chased out of the milonga by the cleaning crew.

Good nights are what we make of them and I ended this one staying out til nearly six making diner conversation with new friends. I rattled home in a minivan handicab in the luge lane on the verymost vertigo edge of the bridge, just as the weekend world was getting ready for work.

Off to dance some more.


Hannah Miet said...


Scarlet-O said...

again, to quote "to sir with love" THE WHOLE WORLD'S waiting for you-- you're a smasher. :-D

i do miss the nycitty.

Phoenix said...

This makes me miss NYC something fierce, although I've never been a resident, at least not in this life. You know how you go to a city for the first time and your bones and blood sort of wake up a little and say, "I've been here before, I'm waking up again in this place"? That's how New York was for me.

I'm glad the G.I.Q. is now nothing more than an afterthought and a punchline. He earned that spot and should stay there until the end of time.