Monday, March 22, 2010

"how are you?"

You hear that forty seven times a day. There's been a lot of noise in my generation about this question— Do we ask too often? Do we listen to the answer? Or is it merely an easy merge tool onto the smalltalk superhighway?

My new answer is this: "I don't know."

Which is about how I feel about my weekend.

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Scarlet-O said...

No, the answer is "Great, how about you?" Or "Not too bad, yourself?"

I ask this question for a living, or rather, yes, its a necessity over the phone and it partially rhetorical and largely just a formality BUT- it does serve one purpose... like over the phone, before you launch into the last episode of House, you can get a quick sense of if the person can talk or as something serious going on.

In Russian you say Kak dela? and the answer is ALWAYS Xapacho, or Nechibo-- good or not bad. If someone says bad its SERIOUS, and kind of tacky.

If someone asks me What's up, I always say Nothin much, or The usual-- but I'm thinking "I don't know. I have no f'in clue."