Tuesday, March 16, 2010

amazing powers of deduction

The weather steadily improves, but there is nothing to be done. The city will either turn on our gas or they won't, the G.I.Q. will either disappear or he won't and I will either sleep or I won't.

Everything brightened for a moment last night with oysters and Sancerre in Grand Central, but the third evening of restive non-sleep has made me a bitter, reactive individual this morning, in spite of the Tuesday morning cafe au lait treat.

I'm pretty sure Peter peed in the bathroom sink last night. If he did not, I apologize for besmirching his good name, but the sink smells like a urinal and I sure as shit didn't do it.


Anonymous said...

That's it -- ditch Peter and get a real room mate. He clearly doesn't want to grow up and you do. Time for a change!

Kathleen said...

OK... I'm not saying he did, and I'm not saying he didn't.... but why would anyone do that? Isn't it easier to pee in the toilet? Is it just me? I just don't get it.

Jamie said...
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