Thursday, March 11, 2010

hear me whimper

Will someone please explain to me the particular weakness of the female sex that immediately interprets two days without communication as the death knell of an affair?

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Scarlet-O said...

How's it now? Radio-silent still?

I think... well it doesn't mean the death of anything in fact you probably know that already... I'm *not* one to be meting out advice-- but it's not so much our misinterpretation of the silence as the fact that that possibility means the death of all-holy that's unique to us ladies... but then again, I'm shouting this all from the eye of a storm, atop a molehill, in a cemetery, kneeling before a headstone engraved with "Scarlet + Julian 4EVER, b. September 28, 2009, d. March 9th, 2010, may it R.I.P." so what do I know. But the affair has indeed expired, we can grieve together.