Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I believe we are more than just bones and brain waves, that there is something more to this—and to us—and perhaps that something eternally recurs. That said, we could all drop dead tomorrow.

Maybe we could all use a little more hedonism. Which is perhaps why I spent last night swigging down house red with my cast on 43rd Street, why I had nothing but a big plate of cheese, delicious cheese for dinner (and Halloween candy for dessert) and why today I am beset by the phenomenon known as the "delayed onset hangover."

Work today is proving to be more excruciating than usual, with one notable exception. I quote here a dear colleague, similarly incarcerated in our windowless office, who paid me the enormous compliment that my heels echo through the office "like freedom pounding on the door of tyranny, reminding us what we lost at 9am and secretly hope in our heart of hearts to reclaim again at 5pm."

Now if that can't get you through the day, what can?

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Elizabeth J. Mercer said...

That phrase can almost certainly get anyone through any day...But can it cure the ridiculous cold I've caught today? Unlikely. Disappointing.