Monday, November 23, 2009

official business

Well, now I've really gone and done it.

Effective this morning, I am officially a resident of the state of New York (at least according to the Department of Motor Vehicles). Somehow surrendering my little state of Vermont farm girl license makes this real to me. As if the last four years were merely a fluke.

Anybody can live in this city, but hustling through the early morning crowd at the Herald Square DMV for that official piece of paper makes it serious.

New York and I are no longer casually seeing each other. We've been bumped up to "dating" or—at the very least—"it's complicated."


Shannon Mac said...

wow,i forgot your whole family left vermont, eh? don't wanna move to fast with this city, though - there tends to be some major booty backlash...

Sarah said...

I just had to do that with Massachusetts, which was both expensive and sad.