Friday, October 29, 2010

bottoms up

Last night, over a scotch in a West side Irish pub, my dear friend's boyfriend cautioned me, in no uncertain terms, to pull my head out of my ass.

I release you, he said, from the idea that you don't deserve to be loved.

Understand by 'loved,' he means decently, seriously and reciprocally. Not the way I am accustomed to begging for scraps. His counsel boiled down to this: I settle for less than I deserve.

And, while I seem constantly to forgive and forget the parade of clowns (both sad and sinister), he remains mystified. You're a good looking girl. You're smart. And you are attracting only douchebags.

He is absolutely right. My heart is a dilapidated movie theatre, selling discount tickets to card-carrying emotional retards. I might as well hang a sign in the box office window that reads: Functioning Adults Need Not Apply.

Back in the city with my life around my ankles, this becomes all too clear. Not only do I obsessively cater to the needs of these Crassanovas, it seems to be what I do best.

I quit adulthood. I piled all my possessions together, the lovingly appointed apartment, the big-girl 9-to-5, the Weekender subscription, and turned my back, flipping a match over my shoulder on the way out of town.

Since the Plague of Locusts, I made the Big Decision, hopped the graveyard freighter to somewhere else, hid out in the tropics pondering my navel, and came back to New York the way I came the first time: with a suitcase and a prayer.

But everyone's first question was, "What happened with Gatsby?"

This is my fault. The hope of him was all my world. And then it wasn't.

I've come to care less. I've cultivated a quiet corner for myself in midtown Manhattan. My life got boring. I work, I dance, I practice yoga and I write. I make bulleted to-do lists and cross things out. I spend time with friends, but I eat a lot of pre-tango sandwiches on the sofa by myself.

I'm getting more and more comfortable sitting in the bathtub of me.


Bathwater said...

Being the dirty Bathwater of my own tub I can relate to settling for less. Somehow having someone love you as much as you love them is a frightening thought for me. An obligation, the weight of a fragile thousand pound heart in your hands-- what if I screw up.

So subconsciously I think I avoid anyone with serious intentions.

Erie Lackawanna said...

FINALLY, Gabby, its starting to sink in. Good for you. Its about time. happy to see you keep growing.
@ bathwater: If you show them who you are, and they still love you, you cant screw up. They love you because of who you are, not in spite of who you are.

Kathleen said...

I just love you!

Anonymous said...

Ditto Erie Lackawanna!

Phoenix said...

I would high five your friend's boyfriend if I were there.

Girl, you deserve so much to be loved and treated like the freakin' rock-star you are.

But it does start with you loving yourself first...