Saturday, December 12, 2009

holiday party, number five

In which I snuck away midway through for a tango lesson and returned at 9 pm, thereby missing the awkward mingling period and cutting straight to the jovial drunkenness stage. Although, by so doing, I missed the rousing carol sing with the accompanying booklet of lyrics.

Highlights include meeting a former beauty queen news anchor from Norfolk, VA, and her tres riche escort in a plaid suit and paisley tie, the shrimp puffs, and the "part of the evening when we are allowed to put up our feet." (Courtesy of Mama W—)

Lowlights include having to herd the überdrunk Peter Pan into a cab in the wind tunnel that is 57th Street at one in the morning—and having him nearly knock over my dresser in his wasted state.

This afternoon, as I prepare for number six, I'm lying in bed watching the airplanes take off from LaGuardia and listening to Vespers (on repeat), enjoying the cold seeping through the glass of my windowpanes.

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Shannon Mac said...

you know, i get a bit tipsy and exhausted just *reading* about your escapades....