Tuesday, December 15, 2009

dear santa

Because it's a tired and boring day at the office—and because Santa asked for it.

- Nespresso Aeroccino Plus.
- A Red Sox snuggie.
- A prepaid package of private lessons (any number) with Michael Nadtochi.
- Contributions to a pair of custom-made tango shoes (or, you know... a flight to Buenos Aires).
- Funky earrings from the Union Square holiday market.
- A tweed blazer with brown leather patches on the elbows (size 4?).
- Some sort of brown leather bookbag. The closer it resembles something out of Anne of Green Gables, the better. (You know, something you throw in the basket of your bicycle as you peddle along the seashore in autumn of 1890?) But if that is too complicated, I also like this one.
- An Irish cable knit sweater in one of those great colours like "oatmeal" or "white with natural fleck." Examples: A, B and C.
- Gift certificates in any denomination for Anthropologie, American Apparel or Barnes & Noble.
- Some sort of unique leather case for my iPod (I've coveted Jamie's for years now).
- Also, I kind of want a Roomba, but I think that makes me a wannabe housewife and my alma mater taught me always to subvert the dominant patriarchal hegemony.
- Books (any and all), but especially The Old Patagonian Express—Paul Theroux and The Adams Jefferson Letters—Lester Cappon, Ed.

Some of these things are awfully extravagant, so I will stress that really, I am always happy with books or the funds with which to purchase them (and sweaters . . . and socks . . . and flannel pajamas . . . and things made of dark chocolate . . . and the color grey.)

My sizes are as follows: top: XS or S, bottom: 4, dresses: 4, panties: M, bra: 36A, shoes: 10.5.

Basically, my goals for 2010 appear to include dressing like an Irish paperboy, reading voraciously and dancing tango.


Kathleen said...

I also want a roomba! But I think I'd need five.

EEJ said...

Re: roombas, they DO subvert the dominant patriarchal hegemony! You don't even have to BE there to clean your house!

Mak said...

If I had known about the bookbag I could have bought you one in Amsterdam that would have been perfect.