Tuesday, October 27, 2009

so I will share this room with you

*Behind the Montague Book Mill, "Books You Don't Need In A Place You Can't Find."

When you listen to the universe, it can surprise you.

Perhaps I am in denial. Perhaps this will back up on us in the none too distant future and we will be suddenly crippled with what could have been. Certainly, when I glance at my left hand and find the tip of my Claddagh heart tipping precariously into the unknown, a hollow wind ripples through my abdomen.

But then I think how we have averted catastrophe and I smile at our resilience, the brave faces we've thrown up for each other, and we laugh together like we haven't laughed in years.

All those doubts disappear. Corners we felt backed into open wide. Seemingly ill-fated choices find new footing. Once again, Odin gets yanked up by his ankles and tied to a tree branch, looking down at the ground as if it were a brand new world.

I'm sure no one will understand this. How pruning the branches made the roots grow stronger. But surely it is no one's business but our own.


Shannon Mac said...

i understand. like lobster boxers and pirate pants.


EEJ said...

Creeping despair is tough like that. I know the feeling, though, I have a feeling for different reasons. P.S. Montague book mill = maybe the best book store ever.

Anonymous said...

From a poem by Mark Strand:

Wherever I am
I am what is missing...
We all have reasons
for moving.
I move
to keep things whole.