Friday, September 25, 2009

question for my generation

What the hell is this new trend of adding extra letters to the ends of words for emphasis?

Seriously. When you type "byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" I see the Avon Lady (or some other saccharine creature in coral lipstick and a skirt suit). When you say your day "sucksssssssssssssss" I think you mean to be speaking in Parselmouth. Similarly, "I wanted to partyyyyyyyyyyyy last nightttt" confounds me. As does, "fuckkkkkkkk" and "butttttt." Consonants just aren't supposed to bend that way.

And I keep seeing this foolishness. Running rampant on the internet. And while I've tried not to judge other people's cyber-shorthand (though I cringe at the "ur"s and other multiple abbreviations for perfectly short—and easily typable—words), this is just too egregious to ignore.

Please make it stop. Or at least explain it to me.

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