Thursday, September 2, 2010

this modern love

Call me a voyeur, but when a couple of Yankee-clad hipsters* get engaged in my immediate vicinity, the cell phone camera comes forth to document the occasion. With irony. Lots of irony.

What is it about our generation that we must make our every moment public? One too many superheroes in our childhood cartoons? This the emotional equivalent of wearing our underpants on the outside, but we do it anyway. We have started to live like snowmen, rolling our insides around accumulating icy girth, content worthy of Facebook and bloggery.

Then again, this is a big lonely of a world. We can connect to anyone—friends, loved ones, perfect strangers—just by logging on to one device or another. But here are two people celebrating a milestone and, for better or for worse, they are all alone in a stadium of 50,000.

So alone, the newly affianced lady feels she must opt for the armpit shot to catalogue her moment. Perfect or imperfect.

I don't know whether I found this sad or savagely uplifting at the time, but based on their subdued smirks, I'm going with the former.

Just who do we think we are?

*Please note the fauxhawk on #28.


Bathwater said...

Who really wants to post the fact they went to a baseball game dressed like twins anywhere is beyond me.

g. fox said...

The sad part is, we'll never know if they raced home to post their photos. I did it for them. It's metafacebook. And it's scary, non?

Scarlet-O said...

wait, are you engaged??

Phoenix said...

Sad. The social networking and instant information age leaves us lonelier than ever.

Anonymous said...

That is massively tacky.