Wednesday, July 21, 2010

too late to turn back now

Just got off the phone with the movers. And I quote: "Lady, I gotta tell ya, you are like, without a doubt, in the top two nicest people I've ever dealt with."

Because, apparently, when dealing with moving (third only to death and divorce on the traumatic life event ladder), most people resort to panic and blind rage.

Likely this is shock talking. I'm sure there'll be a very loud thud when I hit the ground—eventually. No money, no apartment, no bed. No job, no health insurance. And (for a few months anyway) no tango.

But for now, cool as a cucumber. Go figure.


Anonymous said...

But loads of support. You are not alone and if need be you will be carried to a safer place. Embrace, the independence you have chosen. Life isn't so bad off the grid.

Bathwater said...

The good thing about Tango, you can carry it with you.

Scarlet-O said...

Oh wow-- yes I've heard that number. I think the move is what drove me into therapy in the first place... If you can move close by that would help... but you're moving all your stuff out? Gonna fumigate it and have to leave the place?? Jeez... I need to catch up!