Wednesday, May 19, 2010

just in case you were curious

Forwent a date with the Photojournalist for grilled cheese and tomato soup with my own sweet self and am now watching TV shows on demand that make me feel better for falling for an inappropriate man. Or two. If you're counting.

It was a terrible day. The kind that fills you with impotent, post-it slapping rage and makes you borderline nauseated. But also the kind of day that makes you realize that, if these are the challenges we face, we've got it fairly easy.

Work sucks. Love sucks. And I'm afraid of flying.

Live goes on, five minutes at a time.

*p.s. Facebook just suggested I "say hello" to the G.I.Q. God help us, civilization is dead.


Kathleen said...

I had a horrible day, too! I'm still teary eyed about it this morning. I blame astrology and fate. But fear not. Things always get better eventually. Right?

Phoenix said...

I'm so sorry you're having a tough time of it. Also, I swear some evil little gnome runs the passive-aggressive "Facebook suggests" inbox.

Here's to a brighter tomorrow where you aren't afraid to fly with the wings you're sprouting.