Friday, February 5, 2010

flash bulb

I'm sitting at my desk eating one of those cultured coconut milk "faux"gurts (because I eat strange and healthy crap like that) and it tastes like vacation. Thanks to a flavor known as "Passionate Mango," I am momentarily transported to a land of tropical fruit and suntan lotion, and then—wham—I realize that by this time in three weeks, I will be on a catamaran in Tortola.

I'm still not sure I deserve to be on said catamaran, but coming out of the sinuously stressful tunnel of producing The Show, having ground my molars to nubs, slept restively, jumped at every shadow, this gives me a most dizzying sense of impending peace.

Realization number two: life is so much shorter than I ever thought it would be. I haven't seen Peter Pan's parents in weeks, despite my every intention to "still be around." This is sad, to me somehow. I miss them more than I ever thought I would.

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Mak said...

There is NOTHING healthy about that fauxgurt. I looked at the ingredients...its filler and more filler and some active cultures. No protein. Lots of sugar. Although it is tasty.