Saturday, January 30, 2010

studiously aloof, chapter one: making other plans

It is a grey Saturday morning in Astoria and after a long night of excess (that began with a Negroni and ended with black truffle pizza), I already feel as though the weekend were over.

Luckily, I should begin preparing for my marathon of tango: workshops, a party and the All-Night Milonga. I should also steel myself against the slings and arrows of girldom by screwing shut my eyes and putting both feet beneath me where they belong. I do not give a damn about anyone, save of course the partner I dance with in any given tanda.

That is all. Admire my conviction. Are you convinced?


Kathleen said...

Mmmm... black truffle pizza...

Shannon Mac said...

i'll be convinced if you're home before two. *smile*

Scarlet-O said...

Gabby, if you had to be one of the Brothers Karamazov, I think these days you sound like Dmitri. The sensualist. Roll with it.