Wednesday, August 5, 2009

dinner for ten chez Wood

Champagne and Crostini
( avec des tapenades: noire, pistou, tomatine )

Crema fredda di Pomodori
( basilic, haricots verts, bocconcini, prosciutto di parma )

Raviolis au Daube
( beurre noisette, fresh sage, eschalotes )

Assiete de Fromage
( figue, abricot, cérise )

Sorbet au Poire
( coulis de framboise et fraises du bois )

Perhaps I've missed my calling as proprietor of a Bed & Breakfast. The dishes are dry, the kitchen clean... and I am enjoying the last of the wine and the company, wishing I could make such an honest living and live somewhere by the sea, unmolested by the concerns of the century.


theabehsiras said...

How will you leave that magnificent place and go back to NY? I love NY..don't get me wrong, but I would pick France!

Kathleen said...

I love it when you make dinner.